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Plan Your Day

Plan Your Day


HopOnBanff gives you the freedom to explore the Park at your own pace. We have years of experience showing people around Banff and have put together some suggestions on how to spend your time with us.

Full Day options from Banff

With a day ticket you are free to
choose your adventure!
Here are some examples.

These are some itinerary ideas to plan your day.


Enjoy the Lakes
full schedule

The Full Schedule

Banff Departure Times

Moose Hotel 7:45am

Banff Train Station 7:50am

Take advantage of an early start. Our buses depart Banff at 7:45am from the Moose Hotel, and 7:50am from the Train station for good reason. It means that we are the first ones out on the Bow Valley Parkway. The first stop is Johnston Canyon. Arriving at 8:25am means you have the trail and the waterfalls almost exclusively to yourself before getting on to the next bus at 10:10am.


 As your bus winds along the Parkway this has been the sweet spot for wildlife viewing head to  Lake Louise for spectacular views or a stroll along the lakeshore at Lake Louise

**(we recommend packing a lunch).


After your experience at the Lake Louise Gondola or Lake Louise your next departure will take you to the most spectacular place you could ever imagine. Moraine Lake. This is the only time the bus will sit and wait for you and it is specifically designed so that you have time to experience the Million Dollar viewpoint.


Departing Moraine Lake at 15:05 you will then get time riding the gondola or returning back to Banff. The choice is yours!

hikers combo

Hiker's Combo

Banff Departure Times

Moose Hotel 7:45am

Banff Train Station 7:50am

This is a great way to get some hiking in!


Head out on the first bus and enjoy having Johnston Canyon all to yourself.

Experience both waterfalls before departing on the next bus at 10:10.


Keep your eyes out for wildlife as you continue along the Bow Valley Parkway and make the choice of Hiking around the Lake Louise area or Moraine Lake. With teahouses, alpine lakes, and glacier walks to choose from you have a lot of options and can change your mind without any worries.

later start

A Later Start

Banff Departure Times

Moose Hotel 9:30am

Banff Train Station 9:35am

You're on holiday and should be allowed to have a more relaxed day. Leave the townsite behind and set out along the Bow Valley Parkway.

You decide where you want to spend more time and can start at Lake Louise to walk to the end of the Lake and enjoy the breathtaking views! We recommend bringing a packed lunch from Banff and having it on a bench along the way!

Whichever your first choice, you won't want to miss Moraine Lake! Our hosts will tell you which bus to take to experience the Valley of the Ten Peaks and Moraine Lake, then choose your last attraction afterwards. This could be a ride on the Lake Louise Gondola (extra cost) or hiking to the lower falls of Johnston Canyon.


Enjoy the Lakes

Banff Departure Times

Moose Hotel 7:45am

Banff Train Station 7:50am

Head out to Moraine Lake first. The fabulous views at the top of the Rockpile await you! You also have time to walk to the end of Moraine lake and back.


After exploring Moraine Lake, head to Lake Louise for lunch and the Lakeshore walk. There is also a chance to visit the Lake Louise gondola and soar above the valley on the gondola or chairlift. (additional cost)


You have a very good opportunity to spot grizzly bears from the gondola, and the Bow Valley Parkway boasts some of the most spectacular views in the valley with chances of seeing wildlife such as elk, coyote, pine martens, grizzlies, black bears and bighorn sheep!

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